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go-SHORT.me is Much More Than Just a URL Shortner.
This is a Script for Your Own Link Directory,
member Site and "Top 10, 25 or 50" Link Charts.

Far Too Many Features and Benefits To List In The Headline....
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Hi visitors,

Martin and Alex here with great NEW product. We have teamed up, to bring you a product that we think is going to change the way people promote products, send links or run their promotional campaigns.

Read on for full info....

A full powered URL shortening service
or your personal affiliate offer hub and link system
- you decide (or use both!)

Presenting go-SHORT.me

go-SHORT.me is a powerful application that lets you run 'affiliate power links' via your very own link redirect system - and also run a membership powered URL shortener/redirection service. Both of these uses for Go-short.me are powerful in their own right but this is the first product to combine both in this way. Check out the features below.

Everyone will find a use for Go-short.me!

  • Internet Marketers: create powerful links with pre-selling videos or reviews

  • Internet Marketers: create directories of all the affiliate offers you promote

  • Affiliate marketers: create links with high impact product review videos. For example, if you are promoting a product on Amazon you could have a video demonstrating the product or reading out some of the reviews. Endless possibilities

  • Online Training: send people to your application or website and have an FAQ or welcome video load first....all without modifying your own website. In fact, you can add a video or image

  • Membership sites: include information on your membership or special offers you may be running

  • Opt-in forms: add an opt-in form in the popover area, ask people for opt-ins no matter where you send them

  • Popularity sites: create a top 10 (or whatever you choose) list of the "best IM products" or the "best wordpress plugins" and watch the stats grow as they order by popularity. These top 10 lists are very popular.

  • Run your own link service: install the script and let other people create their own links via your system....and your branding (defined in the admin area) will appear in the popover as well. This can be anything: image, opt-in form....whatever you decide.

  • Offline marketers: offer your clients the service of having a special offer video appear on their website, without having to do any changes to their site. You just create their campaign and provide them with a link. This is a very high potential use for the product. You can even install it on client sites under the developer license.

  • Loads more uses! These are just some basic ideas of the top of my head, the uses for this are limitless.
Everything is powered from a simple to use admin area. You can define your own templates, brand outgoing links, send newsletter emails. This has so many uses I can't think of them all here in 1 thread!

Live Samples of Different Uses for our script

Idea 1: Lets say you are an Amazon affiliate and you want to send people some good free content to get them in the Halloween costume mood, and you want to cash in on any impulse it gives them to buy. You can now do both in a unique way, with an automatic short link: http://bit.ly/s9omds

Idea 2: You are an offline marketer and one of your clients is running a special offer or a coupon deal. You can add a special promo link to their offer page or website using our system and incorporate an awesome call to action or funny video short to make people remember it. This could be HUGE for offline clients. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/tdUShg (I found this business on google and added that video - imagine doing that and showing it to a potential client....without having to edit ANY code in their website! Easy Sales

Idea 3: Use the links as a lead-generator. Send people to some good, quality content and then have a similar popover with an opt-in saying "add your email to get a full free report about A, B or C".

Idea 4: Use it to close the deal. This could work if you are selling Fan Pages, SEO, Offline Marketing...anything. link to the customers existing website and put an image with a mockup of a new, redesigned website you will offer them. This will have a heavy hitting, big impact and will get your foot in the door faster than any email or phone call. Once they see the cool new site over the top of their crap old one, you will be very close to a sale. For example: http://bit.ly/se3Zw2

Idea 5: You are promoting a Clickbank Weight Loss product with a link from your blog or review site. How about capturing some leads while you are at it? Check it out here with a built in opt-in form and offer: Sample Form

(The bit.ly links here are all created automatically, and there are also redirect links specific to your URL)

These are just the top of the iceberg. Offline, Online, Affiliate Marketing, Lead Gen....whatever you can think of, you'll find a way to use Go-short.me with it

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If you see a different price button for Developer Rights then you are too late and the free rights have expired. Without developer rights you can only use this on your own websites.

Personal Use License rights:
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may use script on unlimited sites you own!
[no] Can be set up for clients and installed on their sites
[no] Can charge clients for access to the URL redirect as a service on your own site
[no] Can be sold as a standalone script

All the best,
Martin and Alex


This was futured as WSO of the Day
on 28th of October 2011. Over 1000 sold in 12 hours!

Read why below - Latest Customer Feedback:

Originally Posted by impact-productions View Post
Glad I saw this. I've been looking for a new top sites script for a while after the developer puled the plug on the previous one I used. The other features are icing on the cake.

Purchased and looking forward to playing around with this one.

Originally Posted by Reg View Post
Looks great and like something I can use myself and for my clients.
Originally Posted by jb854791 View Post
I am really glad I got to check this out as Martin was getting this ready. The creative ones will really run with this as there are many applications for usage here.

Me personally was thinking of the client getting/ offline angle on this and I was able to come up with some solid usage for it. If you are on my mailing lists then you got one of the quick methods I came up with for this bad boy .

I think if you cannot see anything else in this tool, the 'how the heck did he do that' effect is pretty priceless with prospects and even website traffic. If you are confused about what I am talking about check out his demos above...you'll see!

Originally Posted by marcos08 View Post
jus bought looking forward to testing it out with offline clients
Originally Posted by CMCarlin View Post
This looks incredibly powerful.

My mind is spinning with ideas on how to use it.... free dev rights? Ok, buy button clicky time.

I seriously gotta get away from the WSO board, but there is a lot of good stuff. And Icun is one of the better producers.
Originally Posted by Nuno View Post
Martin has some of the best WSO, he has been the TOP1 Warrior from whom I buy... this was no exception.

P.S. I hope you and Alex keep updating this, that is very important for me, I don't use any script around
Originally Posted by Hapno View Post
Looks like a real winner, Martin and Alex.

Martin, another instance of you treating your list with respect and generosity. Thanks!

Originally Posted by Edwin Copps View Post
Hi Martin and Alex,

Martin, I've bought so many of your great products. And no one is as good to their subscribers, offering continuous bonuses.

And Alex, good to see you on this WSO, too.
Edwin Copps
Originally Posted by jaypoole View Post
Martin continues to amaze me with the value and creativity he puts into his products. Not only does he deliver great value up front - he continues this with his tremendously helpful style week to week. He's always adding value and informative. He doesn't bombard you with pointless emails. If he sends an email out it is usually the most readable email you will get - full of ideas and considered thoughts about how an offer might help you. On top of that he often has a nice surprise or two up his sleeve.

Even in the week of starting to say no to a few new shiny new things - I just couldn't say no to this one - there are so many possibilities I've thought of already it's untrue..
Originally Posted by KCatbat View Post
Hi Alex,

Just bought and am thrilled with the possibilities.
Do you plan to show us how to "use your links in proper way"?

Ken C
Originally Posted by todd11 View Post
Alex and Martin..

Our "WSO of the DAY " yesterday, WSO Super Affiliate featured Alex actually using this tool in real-life, and I felt bad that I didnt know where he was getting it from.. Well everyone, there ya go.. One of my "tips" in WSO Super Affiliate was this very tool, a must-have to stay ahead of everyone else.

Originally Posted by Webcowboy View Post

I saw where you had uploaded the video earlier this morning, and was waiting for this. Looks like it has loads of promise! Thanks again for another great WSO!

Originally Posted by 4runner View Post
awesome Martin... was using BZ9 for some similar type of dropins via shortlink but this is way better!

Originally Posted by sb View Post
I don't know where some of you guys conjurer up stuff like this, but this is AWESOME.

This will grab my offline prospects AND current customers/clients by the eyeballs and eardrums and force them to pay attention.

Originally Posted by Dan Safkow View Post
Now that's a killer video app. It's brilliant.
Originally Posted by marcos08 View Post
I think martin needs to slow down with all the great products another one here. Cheers guys
Originally Posted by gljackson View Post
Cool! I got mine while you're giving away the dev rights. Will be very useful for my offline clients. Thanks for the great examples, too!
Originally Posted by webmustang View Post
this is the single most brilliant script i've ever seen.

Most awesome marketing trick - YouTube

I sent an email my list of simple but killer 4 templates they can use to contact via email local business owners and get a MAXIMUM of attention!

This script will change the way offliners do business and contact business owners.

Originally Posted by BrooksB View Post
I am always falling off the WSO wagon because of Martin. I stopped going to my MCAnonymous Meetings so I guess I deserve to be smitten once again. After having purchased MUCH of Martin's BRILLIANT WSO's over the past several months, this one is going to combo with the others to help me win my fight over this addiction that has me pinned. Bravo Martin and Alex for this incredible tool!! Look out My Town, here I come!!
Originally Posted by how2do View Post
I concur with the rest who would like some training videos...particularly on each of the benefit 'ideas' you linked to...for me I would like to see Idea #2 and especially Idea #4...which would absolutely make it easier to "...close the deal."

As usual Martin has this uncanny ability to offer something I could use to increase my business...No offense Alex at all...I have just known Martin longer!! I am glad you teamed up with him to create this great product.

If you can't speak English that well...give me subtitles!!!

Originally Posted by Robert H Sanders View Post
Thanks Martin and Alex. You keep out doing yourself with more creative WSO products. This script as so many possibilities it will be a blast coming up with new ways to implement. I see traffic and hidden affiliate bombs everywhere. Rock On!
Originally Posted by gfMedia View Post
Dang it, I just couldn't pass on this!

Just what the doctor ordered for my 3 letter dot com that has been under used lately

I'm totally swamped right now trying to finish up the coding for my new "secret" tool, but I'll be back asap to give my full review.

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